August 29, 2016 Labor Day Sale

Who can believe that Labor Day is right around the corner?! The only way I can believe it is the fact that I have been working on several Labor Day Sale graphics for our various stores. The sale has just begun and I'd like to breakdown the steps that I had taken to get to the final creative of the Labor Day Sale that is currently running here:

The project started off as a simple concept that the creative team and the marketing team decided on: red Wrangler on the beach with a nice blue sky to have a more subtle approach to the red, white and blue theme. I pulled some inspiration of jeeps ripping around on the sand and began my composite. I started with a rolling Jeep shot from our in-house photography collection.

This shot would be my base image for the rolling Jeep and I would begin to build out the sandy beach background around it. I first clipped the jeep, making sure to feather the selection when appropriate to keep the blur effect of the moving image. From there I went and purchased some stock imagery to compose the background. I have to say, you'd be surprised to know what the original photos look like that make up the final image.

All of the shots above were used. The first beach image was the starting point for the graphic. Then I used various pieces of the sand from the two ATV shots. The one was the perfect angle for the kicked up sand. Finally, the last one I used just some portions of the sky because I liked the feel of the clouds. Bet you never thought a photo of a bicycle and dog would be needed in a composite like this.

All of those photos combined with the correct color balancing, blend modes, color changing, photo retouching and added Gaussian and motion blur, got the creative to look like this:

At it's core it's exactly what the doctor ordered: Red Jeep on the beach with a blue sky. While it might be what was requested, it still felt like we could tie in a little more of the red, white and blue imagery. Instead of resorting to tacking an American flag on the back of this Jeep, I decided to go with something different. Jeep Grillz has come up with some grille vinyl to quickly change the face of anyone's Jeep to show off that American pride. I decided to remake one of their vinyl projects on this Jeep image to make this sale pop. It was a delicate process to get the vector shapes to feel real on this image, but I believe it gave it the added touch it needed.

From there I placed the image in various site, email, social and display-sized graphics to see if the composition would work. Once approved I could make the other version needed (TJ). I used the same methods as I did with the JK image above, where I clipped out a rolling Jeep at a similar 3/4 angle, color changed the Jeep, added reflections and grille vinyl while compositing it in within the beach background.

On our ExtremeTerrain website, a lot of the graphics include live copy where the designers do not have control of making it unique. Below is a mock of the homepage that is live right now.

As you can see, the text is strictly our store's font with no additional styling. This is done for many reasons, the main being SEO. While this is the case with most of our on-site graphics, our social, display and email graphics have free range when it comes to type treatments. I wanted to stylize the type in a subtle but noticeable way to enhance the look of the sale. After presenting three variations, I settled on the treatment below.

All together, the copy and the text work well together.

Be sure to hurry on over to to take advantage of the Labor Day Sale from now until 9/7!

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