November 09, 2011

Go Postal

Below is my packaging project in its current state:


Designing packaging for envelopes was exciting because there are a variety of kinds of envelopes for a variety of purposes.  Traditionally envelope packaging is plain and bland, therefore, with my design I tried to do everything but be plain and bland.  My goal with this project was to focus primarily on the typography while break out of the traditional simple envelope box.  Incorporating both serif (Adobe Garamond) & san-serif (Gotham) typefaces into one cohesive design was also something I desired to accomplish.  Two different kinds of envelopes are featured with this design, one (yellow) is designed for simple white envelopes about 4" x 5".  The second (purple) is designed for 100% recycled envelopes about 4" x 5".  Repetition and color were my main tools I used in creating an electric "postal" theme.  With the recycled version, my motive was to break away from the typical green/brown/neutral color palette and do something more unexpected. 

November 02, 2011

No Winter X Games metal, but a trip to Daytona Beach for Bike Week?

No Winter X Games metal, but a trip to Daytona Beach for Bike Week?  I'll take it!

I recently submitted to the Winter X Games Aspen 2012 Metal Design Contest ( of which they chose the top 16 (  Some of the designs are pretty awesome... so cast your vote!  Below was my design I submitted:

No top 16 for me, better luck next time!

This morning I was reviewing my potential class schedule for the SPRING 2012 [!!!!!!] and the thought of Bike Week in Daytona Beach ironically popped into my mind [ ;) ].  And then the excitement began.  Daytona Beach has been pushed back a week (  While this may be old news to many motorcycle enthusiasts... I AM SO STOKED!  Possibly because I have been dying to go to Daytona Bike Week since I really knew what it was, and kept hinting to my Dad that it would be a great graduation present :D  The only problem has been, is that my spring break always fell the week before.  THEREFORE, this could potentially be the year :) This is presuming that Flat Track will still have their double header event during the new Bike Week dates. (Fingers crossed).  Next step: find a (cheap) hotel that the spring breakers haven't scored yet as well as talk to my Papa about it!