July 03, 2012


Below are some interesting ads/layouts/design elements I found to be particularly interesting.

^The overlap in photos was what originally caught my eye but I also like the series of 5 squares on the lower half of the page.

^This type is really nice.  I particularly like the long vertical line that anchors the largest type.

^I love the right side of this spread and how the photos are arranged and separated.

^This ad has a lot of nice dimension with the "Classic Evolution" tag and the shoes.  Things just pop with the overlaps.

^I particularly like how there are two small images that overlap with the large main image.  The two smaller ones work well without any padding/space between them, and the fact that they're the same tone makes them fit seamlessly.

^The overlap of images on the right side of the spread work really well, as does the perspective of each individual photo: close, far, closest.

^You can never go wrong with a grid of colorful squares.  I think the left works a little better than the right since it's all squares.  However, if they were identical grids side by side it could be a little excessive.  I'm still not convinced on the rectangle...

^I love this type!  The red makes the GMC logo pop too.  Below is a close up.  Yum. 

^Type is nice, I really like the knocked out > glyph.

Hang On, Computer

About a month ago I got ^these^ lovely error messages when I would try to go to any website.  So me and my four-year old computer went to the Apple Store in Park City for a doctor's appointment.  Of course they fixed me up in about 5 minutes:)  Now that problem's resolved, however, now my lil comp gets tired..?  And decides to randomly turn the screen's light off.  My guess is that it's some sort of bulb issue, but I don't know if it's worth continuing to fix or hold off until I can get a new one.  Ohh if only the Adobe Suite didn't cost more than a brand new Mac :|