June 17, 2012


Summer has been in full swing seeing that it has been a month since I have graduated already.  I have to admit, that with everything I have been up to, it feels like it has been a month!  Lately I have been doing a ton of yard work & gardening for a lady that lives close by and sometimes with my dad.  It has essentially been my resource for fast cash;)  Other than that I have still been tackling the job search process.  Overall, I have been learning a lot, but I haven't been able to land an exciting graphic design job quite yet.  This week coming up is a big one, so any luck sent my way is very much appreciated!

I drove to DC last week for an informational interview with a company I applied to about a month ago.  Going down there, seeing the office, and meeting with one of the principles was one of the absolute best things I could have done... it was worth the drive!  I received a lot of valuable feedback on my portfolio and had a good conversation about career advice.  The following day I attempted to go to Philly but only got about half way due to a leaking tire stem:(  I'll attempt to make the haul again this week!

I'm really looking forward to landing a job, grabbing an apartment, and getting some experience under my belt.  I'm feeling pretty adventurous to move away from home, and I am hoping something pulls through pretty quickly.  Of course, you always need a bit of patients, so it has been a learning experience trying to find that happy medium.  Anyways, be sure to stay tuned as I hope I can match up with some awesome opportunities:)

Happy Summer.