April 28, 2012

Below are a few extra images and detail photographs of the stationary system for the Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania branding.


My Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania lifestyle brand book has officially arrived today from Blurb, which was a surprise... I love the speedy delivery! Images of the 24 page standard landscape book (10"x8") will hopefully be posted within a week or two. Until then, feel free to look at the spread thumbnails below.  (First and last images are the image-wrapped hardcover.) I have officially completed my Branding works, the end is near, and it is so surreal...

April 25, 2012


Below are jpeg thumbnails of the TRIX exhibition presentation that I have been working on for about eight weeks. To view a more high resolution presentation, I have uploaded it to Issuu.  

April 20, 2012

triX Didactic Panels

Below are two examples of didactic panels / reader rails for the triX exhibition I am currently finishing up!  These panels display general information about the two main "characters" in the show: Andy Bell and Travis Pastrana.  Unfortunately these uploads are a little more narrow than their original size of 16"x24".

April 18, 2012

Shrewsbury Branding Signage

Below is the new signage for Shrewsbury, PA.  This page will be featured in the town's lifestyle brand book that should be going to print by the end of this week!

Shrewsbury Branding

Below is a photo of letterhead, business cards, and envelopes designed to be included in the Shrewsbury, PA lifestyle brand book.

April 13, 2012

Branding Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

^ Town Website

^ Envelope 

^ Page Spread 1

^ Logo & Business Card

^ Signage System

While a lot of these images are older versions of what I currently have developed for this project, it does give viewers a taste of my perspective on my hometown of Shrewsbury.  Primary themes include: maps, deer antlers, wagon wheels, and my color system (red, green, cream, and slate gray). I am currently in the process of editing all of the aspects of my lifestyle brand and organizing the content in a lifestyle brand book.  Within a few weeks I hope to post final spreads!

April 09, 2012

Exhibition: triX

triX is an exhibition I have been designing for in my Signs, Exhibits, and Spaces class.  Unfortunately, this is just a hypothetical exhibition, however, the pretend unlimited budget is a plus.  Below is the prompt and my solution.

The exhibition must contain at least one “vehicle” (“any means in or by which someone travels or something is carried or conveyed; a means of conveyance or transport”). You decide what the vehicle is and why you’re creating an exhibition centered around it. It should have some sort of historic or cultural significance. It can be from a national or international event, a movie, television series, etc. In addition to the vehicle, the exhibition should include at least 10 other “artifacts” (3D objects, posters, paper ephemera, costumes/clothing, etc.)

triX: and exhibition featuring the "Extreme Tricycle" dual between Travis Pastrana and Andy Bell of Nitro Circus.  Episode 1 of Season 1 of Nitro Circus reveals the beginning of the Pastrana / Bell dual in backflipping tricycles.  Bell begins the competition by flipping a blue tricycle from a wooden ramp to a dirt mound.  Pastrana is unable to complete the back flip, and decides to go bigger and better. Pastrana eventually follows up by flipping a pink tricycle off of a huge wooden ramp onto a wooden ramp landing.  Episodes later, Bell attaches rockets to his blue tricycle and backflips it off of a wooden ramp and into a foam pit.  Currently, this is where the extreme tricycle dual remains, and what my exhibition illustrates.  Check out some of my progress below!

^floor plans: wall constructing, traffic flow, division of space, floor treatments, projection texture concepts

^beginning some wall treatments to go with a few artifacts

^placing artifacts within the floor plan and referencing other imagery and ideas

^narrowing in on wall treatments and the path of travel 


Unfortunately, I have been neglecting to update this blog on my most recent design works and such, my apologies.  Since my previous posting I have successfully visited Daytona Beach, FL for Bike Week / Spring Break.  The week-long trip was amazing, and I found it hard to come back knowing I would be finishing up my last few months at MICA.  In fact, only one month remains in my education at this fine institution, and the reality of this is really setting in.  

The job hunt has begun, as my main goal and focus is to get a design job within the motorsports or sporting industry.  I have an endless list of bookmarks on my computer, where I am constantly checking job openings.  After putting out a few applications and an interview, I am finding the hunt to be more nerve-racking and a little less exciting than it was when I began to make my bookmark list.  The days are dwindling and I am finding myself continuing to broaden my searches and process.  

On the upside, I am finding myself in a very comfortable position when it comes to my senior thesis project.  Because I am so comfortable, paranoia is trying to tell me that I am missing something.  I am extremely excited to complete my thesis work and showcase it during MICA's Artwalk on Thursday, May 10th, and through the entire Commencement Exhibition from the 10th through the 14th.  Aside from thesis, I have been working on an awesome exhibitions project in my Signs, Exhibits, and Spaces class taught by Jeremy Hoffman.  I'll be sure to post in-progress images shortly.  Branding is my third and final class I am taking this semester, and we have also moved on to our final project, which is branding our hometowns.  Images of "Sprucing up Shrewsbury" are to come as well!

Additionally, the freelance branding I did for the MICA Internship + Career Fair ended well, and the event was a huge success.  Final photo documentation of my works will be posted within the next few weeks as well.  I have also (FINALLY) began my independent volunteer project for the Aid to Injured Riders fund, where I am designing and creating a really awesome sign/banner to potentially be auctioned off at Flat Track races.  I just hemmed the canvas banner last night and am excited to begin playing with the design.  The banner should be completed by the Springfield, IL races Memorial Day weekend.  To add yet another side project, I am hoping to design a t-shirt or two, to wear at the upcoming Flat Track races to support my favorite riders.  

With all of that said, I better get to posting images of my current projects:)