February 24, 2011

Final TDC Posters

Futura Bold, Adobe Garamond Pro, Memphis Light

 Bodoni, Cicle, Adobe Garamond Pro

See my typography class's group on flickr here.

February 21, 2011

LIVE in three hours!

Jam to a LIVE performance of Music Concrete performed by my Sound Art class.  Performances begin around 7pm and may last til around 10pm.  Watch/listen to the stream here: http://www.jasonsloan.com/courses/soundart

Also, Insanity is up and on view in Brown 217 @ 1301 W Mount Royal Ave, Baltimore.  View it from now through Friday.

February 16, 2011

Sound & Tacos

Monday, February 21st beginning at 5pm, you can listen in on my sound art class's own Music Concrete Live Performances.  There will be a live stream of the performances at: http://www.jasonsloan.com/courses/soundart/live, so tell your friends and feel free to tune in:)

ALSO, don't forget about TACO NIGHT, aka the opening reception for the IDA Departmental Juried Exhibition this Friday the 18th from 6pm-8pm.  You may join the Taco Night Facebook Event here.  I better see you there:)

They may lack design, but there is no lack in motorcycles

They may lack design, but there is no lack in motorcycles, and motorcycles are what count when it comes to the Timonium Motorcycle Show!  The event is held annually at the Maryland State Fairgrounds of Timonium in February.  This year’s event was held from Friday, February 11th through Sunday the 13th with an entrance fee of fifteen dollars, unless you snatched a five dollar coupon from their website at www.cycleshow.net.  But like I said before, do not judge their show quality based on the design of their website because when it comes to showing motorcycles, they are top-notch, without a doubt.

Harley-Davidson, Victory, BMW, Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, KYMCO, Boss Hoss, Lehman Trikes, and Eastern Performance Cycles are just a few of the heavy-hitters that set up and display their finest at the Timonium Motorcycle Show.  Aside from motorcycle manufacturers, there are endless vendors selling apparel, gear, antiques, stickers, patches, seats, and of course food.  Besides my love of motorcycles, I have to admit, I went for the food!  Pizza, ice cream, smoothies, pit beef, ham, and BBQ, fries, sausage, and an assortment of snacks were available.  And this event would not be officially held in Maryland if there were not a crab cake to be found.  Being the starving college kid I am, I chose the pit beef sandwich over the crab cake because the portion was outrageous.  I covered that sandwich with some BBQ sauce and I was set for the day!

The variety of entertainment is nearly equivalent to the variety of motorcycles that can be found at this event.  Celebs and bike builders are featured on their website, this year included Michele Smith, the host of American Thunder, Roland Morrison and his speed machine, and bike builders Arlen Ness, Chica, Doug Keim, Parker Brothers Custom Choppers, Randy Simpson, Cooper Mike, Jeff Kessel, the six stars of Sons of Anarchy, and of course the endless list of bike models.  It would not be a show if it were not for the annual attendee of Gary Nixon who graced the event with his presence all three days.  Without a doubt, he is always my favorite guest at the show because we can always catch up on the latest Flat Track news, guaranteed.

So there you have it, my excerpt for the annual Timonium Motorcycle Show.  If you did not make it this year, keep it on the radar for next year because it is a great way to break up the winter and motorcycle and motorcycle racing off-season.  Now, bring on Daytona!

February 14, 2011

Playing with Color
Dimensions: 11"x17"
Typefaces Used: Bodoni & Futura

February 12, 2011

Taco Night!

Taco Night, is the IDA department's juried show featuring new media art projects, performances and free tacos. Come out to the opening party Friday, February 18th from 6-8pm in Brown 217.
The show features works from: Anthony Mattox, Tyler Tamburo, Tricia Baugher, Michelle Shen, Dave Fong, Jonathan Cheng, Eli Jager and Chang Park.

(Poster Designed by Anthony Mattox and Jonathan Cheng)

February 11, 2011


First/Top Left: Futura Medium 72
Second/Top Right: Futura Light 72
Third/Bottom Left: Rockwell 60
Fourth/Bottom Right: Rockwell +60

...Slightly indecisive, if you have a preference please let me know 
(the only type that's changing is the "TDC 58")

more progress..

(still 3)
(still 4)

February 07, 2011


Don’t weird me out, okay?
Do not suffocate me, okay?
I don’t want to feel trapped, okay?
Do not try to bind me, okay?

Don’t freak me out, okay?
Do not crowd me, okay?
I don’t want to feel claustrophobic, okay?
Do not try to enclose me, okay?

Don’t creep me out, okay?
Do not smother me, okay?
I don’t want to feel captured, okay?
Do not try to corner me, okay?
I refuse to be confined.

Painting with Type (process)

(still 1)

(still 2)

(close up)

Typeface used in "teepot": Baskerville

Word Interpretations