September 28, 2010

Please Support My Helmet Design

I have been hoping to get my feet wet in helmet design, so this contest has allowed me to do just that.  Now, all's I need is your support!

Here are the two things you needs to do in order to participate and help me out:

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Step Two: Like my design :) ! (It’d the red & white one with the large star on each side)!/photo.php?pid=15228130&id=10150121993020188&fbid=10150284032305188&ref=mf

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out, I really appreciate it:)  Please spread the word by reblogging, retweeting, reposting, anything!  Thanks thanks 

September 01, 2010

The Death of Cycle News

I have found a very interesting article from the blog of the former editor at Cycle News Magazine that I would like to share today.  The blog post may be found here and I encourage everyone to take a look at it.  I find it interesting how text written about the ceasing of a motorcycle magazine could be so moving, to where I find myself grieving over the end of a company, more than I had grieved over the recent loss of a family friend.  I suppose the reasoning of this would include the passion written in the text of the editor's post and the fact that I can relate to the late publication.  It still sounds so silly to me to think that there could be sorrow over a publication, but to hear the words of passion for a publication that supports motorcycles and particularly motorcycle racing somehow speaks unexplainable volumes.  Perhaps this death pulls a heartstring for the fact that this was somewhat of an ultimate career goal.  While, the goal is not completely thrown out of the window by any means, it still forces some perspective on the form of media and even the economy.  Certainly, I have no doubt that a rockin' online journalist publication of gorgeous photos and enlightening textual design will arise in the near future, but there is still that attachment to a printed publication with an incredible history such as Cycle News.  Perhaps I have rambled on too much about a publication that has ended, and will stay ended despite any words from I or anyone that matters, the words will remain: el fin.