February 24, 2016

Rose Drawings

Lately I have been drawing several roses in the same style. I refer to it somewhat as traditional, but not entirely. They are drawn with graphite pencil, microns, vine and then compressed charcoal for the deepest shades. I've painted them too, however, I prefer the softness that the blended charcoal gives them. Below are some final and progress drawings, expect to see a bunch more!

February 23, 2016

The Wrangler Off-Road Shop

The Wrangler Off-Road Shop is the ExtremeTerrain version of what I previously showed for the Mustang Off-Road Shop. This large project also involved a full logo design, website graphics, email graphics, display banners, social banners and will be featured on the next ExtremeTerrain catalog cover. Below is the logo design:

This project included an in-house photo shoot with the direction being a shot of a Jeep on the dyno within a workshop setting. Below are the retouched photos for a JK Wrangler and TJ Wrangler (retouched by myself and another designer).

This imagery was then transformed into a wide array of applications with a variety of dimensions. Below is a desktop landing page for the Wrangler Off-Road shop along with the unique category icons that were made for each Jeep Wrangler generation that ExtremeTerrain offers. 

I will share the catalog cover that my teammate finalized with this creative once it hits the shelves.

February 22, 2016

The Ladies of AIR

It's really an honor to be considered one of the Ladies of AIR for the 2nd year. This year we're off to a great start and having more of a social media presence. Each one of us have introduced ourselves on the AIR Facebook & Instagram account (please give us a follow!), so that the fans can get to know us better and recognize us quicker at the racetrack. There are a lot of great ideas coming out of this powerhouse group of ladies, and I am truly looking forward to the 2016 flat track season. The goal this year is to raise more awareness for the nonprofit, fundraise for the organization and help the overall scene of dirt track. 17 days until Daytina... see you all at the track!

February 17, 2016

Aid to Injured Riders: Bio

This week the Aid to Injured Riders (AIR) ladies have been introducing themselves to everyone to become more familiar faces within the flat track community. Tomorrow they announce their 6th and final lady, and today happened to be my day! Please follow the Aid to Injured Riders Facebook and Instagram to see what this powerhouse group of ladies is up to now. Behold, my official bio:

Tricia Baugher has been going to flat track races since before she could tell you which way the bikes were going around the track. Her dad always took her to watch the races since his parents had always taken him. Therefore, the tradition lives on.
A few years ago, Tricia met Nicalee at the Springfield Mile and shared a love for Winkin' Will Davis. In 2015, Tricia joined the Aid to Injured Riders (AIR) to work with the girls to design the Flat Track Trading Cards for the 2014 season. It has been one of her favorite projects she has been apart of and is thrilled she is able to be more active in the flat track community.
Away from the track, Tricia is a full-time graphic designer at an aftermarket automotive e-commerce business in Pennsylvania. As if designing during her day job and helping AIR doesn’t keep her busy enough, she is also the co-founder of the motorcycle lifestyle brand Throttle Down Speed Co. Within that brand Tricia is actively drawing and designing apparel and accessories for the motorcycle and flat track culture. Tricia is thrilled to be able to offer all of the fans something new and unique to wear at the race track.
Aside from creating, Tricia is a very proud owner of a 1974 Honda CB360. Presently she refers to it as her favorite “pile of metal”, however, Tricia has plans to get it running again and transform it into a cafe racer …wish her luck, she’s going to need it!
This year Tricia is amped to be spreading her wings and traveling to quite a few races this year including Daytona, Austin, Oklahoma City, Charlotte and a handful of local tracks including Timonium, MD. Tricia is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be apart of AIR and looks forward to even more fundraiser opportunities to help the sport she’s always loved.

February 14, 2016


Please meet Doug. Doug is a special doggie who now as an official portrait that has been turned into stickers & more. Doug even has an animated gif now. Doug is fancy.

8"x10" graphite pencil drawing with subtle Prismacolor accents.

February 08, 2016

AmericanMuscle Upgrade Shop

The past few weeks I was highly focused on the AmericanMuscle & ExtremeTerrain "Upgrade Shops". These projects each required a logo design, photo shoot, photo retouching, 3D Rendering, some additional photo retouching and typography layouts. These graphics spread across AmericanMuscle.com and ExtremeTerrain.com sites, email newsletters, display banners, social graphics and will even be featured on the covers of our next catalogs. *spoiler*
My teammate handled the renders for this project since the package was a tall order. I retouched the background of the garage to use as the back plate and he rendered and retouched each generational Mustang for accuracy (10-14 was an in-camera shot).  All of the photography elements came from our in-house photographer.  When tossed all together, it turned out to be a very successful image.

Below is the logo used for the AmericanMuscle Upgrade Shop and the generational landing pages for each. 

The above logo was designed in Illustrator from scratch. It took a few revisions to finalize this particular mark finalized for all of the web and print applications it will be used for. Overall the goal was a highly-automotive feel and legible type. 

Stay tuned for the ExtremeTerrain version of the Upgrade Shop.

February 07, 2016

#winter #gif

ExtremeTerrain - 4th of July

For July 4, 2015 at ExtremeTerrain we wanted to create a graphics package that was very Americana, yet fit the sophistication of the brand. This is the photo composite that ended up being the image for the holiday, and it's one I'm quite proud of.  The jeep with the couple was shot in our photo studio and the background is constructed out of about 3 different stock images. I worked in Photoshop to get the lighting and reflections realistic so that everything worked together.  Below is a TJ Wrangler but this was also created with a JK Wrangler for the ExtremeTerrain campaign.

February 04, 2016

2010-2014 AmericanMuscle Catalog

Here's a sneak peek of the opening Exterior section within the 2016 Spring AmericanMuscle Catalog for 2010-2014 Mustangs. Photo by Justin Mondschein. Check out all of the Exterior sections for the various AmericanMuscle Mustang and F-150 catalogs.

February 01, 2016

2016 Catalog Content

Over the weekend the latest AmericanMuscle & ExtremeTerrain catalog was delivered to Mustang & Wrangler customers. Below are three pages you'll find within the AmericanMuscle catalog content inserts. All three are Customer Spotlight editorials. My goal with these pieces was to find alternative design layouts for the car images and product images. Photography and editorial copy is all in-house with the exception of the customer image of the 2013 Mustang GT. Click the image to enlarge.