December 12, 2010

I've come to believe that it is impossible to avoid cliques during one's Freshman year of college, however, the three years that follow are all about breaking down those clique barriers and meshing together as it should be.

December 11, 2010

Fly High with FLY

Beer Packaging Final:
FLY beer is a unique honey lager from Hanover, Pennsylvania that prides itself in being the ultimate 'tailgating package' for Philadelphia Eagles Fans all over the nation.  The tailgating package includes six bottles of high quality beer, as well as, a CD that holds 99 tracks of the Eagles Fight Song.  What more could any Eagles fan want?  Fly High with Fly.

December 09, 2010

Input -> Output: An exhibition of interactive works

Input -> Output: An exhibition of interactive works.  The culmination of semester long independent projects ranging from robots to web applications and network art to games created in Jason Corace’s Projects in IxDA.

The show features pieces by:

Tricia Baugher
Bon Champion
Brett Grau
Ivan Loguin
Tabitha Morikis
Elena Roznovan
Andrew Walters

The exhibition will be on display on the second floor of the Brown Center from Friday, December 10th to Thursday, December 16th.

Reception will be held on the second floor of the Brown Center on Friday, December 10th at 5pm.

It's FREE and open for anyone and everyone to come and enjoy some fun interactive work!

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Brown Center, MICA
1301 W Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD

November 18, 2010

November 09, 2010

IxDA Media Labs Final Project

   If you are unaware, the popular social network, Facebook, requires every new user to provide his/her "sex" during login.  There are two options: Male/Female.  Facebook claims that this selection provides accuracy for their wall posts in order to be grammatically correct.  For example, before a wall post could have looked like this: "John Deere changed their profile picture," with 'their' being grammatically incorrect.  Now the post will say either: "John Deere changed his profile picture," or "John Deere changed her profile picture."  This, however, is only one aspect of what I intend on exploring.
   Another aspect to this change in Facebook is that based on your "sex" selection of either male or female, each user is given a gender-specific avatar with the sex/gender relationship as male/man and female/woman.
   Therefore, I am proposing a project that explores the social constructs of both sex and gender that questions this new form of media: social media and social networking and how this 'new' form of media reinforces very traditional constructs of sex, gender, and their relationships to one another.
   The following images are only sketches of a future interactive project that will be exhibited on the second floor of the Brown building of the Maryland Institute College of Art campus from December 2, 2010 to December 7, 2010.

100% Male

75% Male, 25% Female

50% Male, 50% Female

75% Female, 25% Male

100% Female
Concept: To explore social media/social networking and to question their influence of the socially-constructed generalization of gender/sex relationships.

Graphic Design: The Mark (the logo)

October 4, 2010

Objective: To combine two random words brainstormed with a partner in an in class exercise and create a conceptual mark from those two paired words.  It was tasked to make one black and white version and one color version.

Word Pair: Milk & Arrow

With this project I produced a literal depiction of the words to focus on simplicity.  The mark is meant for a variety of conceptual ideas from the viewer, for the mark has no one meaning, but is rather up to the viewer for interpretation.

Graphic Design Book Cover Design

November 1, 2010

Objective: To create three very different conceptual designs for one book title.
Title: Norton: The Racing Story

Concept: Going back in time, as the book does, to review the past championships of Norton Racing.  Norton Racing was notorious for its victories and this cover conceptualizes the history of their winnings.

 Concept: This book cover provides a classic image of the Norton Motorcycle Gas Tank.  The colors are predominant colors of the British Motorcycle brand and this cover also emphasizes the beauty of Norton's original logo and that typeface.

Concept: Denim masking tape, and sharpie marker are the materials that compose this particular book cover.  The concept behind this design is to go back in time before racing was highly commercialized as it is today.  This cover represents a time before there were flashy race gear, well-designed leather jackets and suits, and a time when racing was just that.  With this cover, I hoped to create the rawness of racing from the past.

September 28, 2010

Please Support My Helmet Design

I have been hoping to get my feet wet in helmet design, so this contest has allowed me to do just that.  Now, all's I need is your support!

Here are the two things you needs to do in order to participate and help me out:

Step One: You must Like on Facebook

Step Two: Like my design :) ! (It’d the red & white one with the large star on each side)!/photo.php?pid=15228130&id=10150121993020188&fbid=10150284032305188&ref=mf

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out, I really appreciate it:)  Please spread the word by reblogging, retweeting, reposting, anything!  Thanks thanks 

September 01, 2010

The Death of Cycle News

I have found a very interesting article from the blog of the former editor at Cycle News Magazine that I would like to share today.  The blog post may be found here and I encourage everyone to take a look at it.  I find it interesting how text written about the ceasing of a motorcycle magazine could be so moving, to where I find myself grieving over the end of a company, more than I had grieved over the recent loss of a family friend.  I suppose the reasoning of this would include the passion written in the text of the editor's post and the fact that I can relate to the late publication.  It still sounds so silly to me to think that there could be sorrow over a publication, but to hear the words of passion for a publication that supports motorcycles and particularly motorcycle racing somehow speaks unexplainable volumes.  Perhaps this death pulls a heartstring for the fact that this was somewhat of an ultimate career goal.  While, the goal is not completely thrown out of the window by any means, it still forces some perspective on the form of media and even the economy.  Certainly, I have no doubt that a rockin' online journalist publication of gorgeous photos and enlightening textual design will arise in the near future, but there is still that attachment to a printed publication with an incredible history such as Cycle News.  Perhaps I have rambled on too much about a publication that has ended, and will stay ended despite any words from I or anyone that matters, the words will remain: el fin.

August 31, 2010

Hello, You.

Thought I should  give a brief description of what you may expect this blog to contain:

!!  MY ART !  [aka some awesome interactive and design works: thoughts, sketches, projects, finals, and etcetera, as well as new graphic design concepts and projects.]
!!  Things that I am passionate about [basically anything that sparks my fancy... typically related to art or cycles with motors]
!!  Impacting motorcycle-related articles that are of interest to me [typically the controversial ones that have me thinking] 
!!  A few other misplaced items that are unclassifiable ; )

I hope you dig it,