November 06, 2018

AmericanTrucks Halloween Sale

F-150 has been a booming business over the last year, so there has been a lot of focus on creating quality lifestyle imagery for marketing campaigns. This year for a Halloween email campaign, I began concepting with this inspirational image:

The tone and coloring of this image was the type of feel I wanted to capture in this marketing campaign. 

To begin building this out, I started with an in-house lifestyle photo of a 2009-2014 F-150 that had good base lighting.

I brought this image into Photoshop and manipulated the color to pull out dark green tones in Camera Raw. Adjusting the contrast, exposure and clarity was necessary to get close to the original concept. I added some lens flares around the lights and added texture to the ground and background to complete the composite.

Once I had the 2009-2014 composite complete, I used it as a backplate image to render the 2015-2019 F-150 in Keyshot. Below is the raw render and clown pass exported from Keyshot after applying a dark HDRI map and adjusting the camera.

I brought everything into Photoshop to work on the 2015-2019 composite. Some retouching needed to be done to remove the 2009-2014 F-150 from the original image. Using the clown pass I retouched the 2015-2019 F-150 to fit the scene with the lighting, colors and textures.

Once I got these two body style composites complete, I focused on the typography of the email marketing campaign. I wanted type that was textured and fit in well with the scene to work well for the Halloween theme.