April 30, 2011

The Vigil.... is tonight!

It's a gorgeous evening in Baltimore, so do not forget to come out to The Vigil [All Night Music Festival] tonight!  Performances begin at 7pm out in Cohen Plaza at MICA and will last through 7am tomorrow morning.  If you're able to, stop by at 2am and watch me perform: )

April 24, 2011


The end is near, and I can TASTE it.  I am looking forward to the end, the resolution, and the relaxation.  These last two weeks shall be interesting, to say the least.  Sound Art will be completed tomorrow (with the exception of the Vigil that has been rescheduled for Saturday night) with the project "Raymond".  Unfortunately "Blah" was simply unsuccessful. Sometimes I struggle with projects and it takes me a few tries to get it worked out.  Unfortunately "Blah" was a week-long project, so I did not have a chance to work out the bumps to be pleased with it.  The good news is, I was able to move onto "Raymond," and I am looking forward to showcasing that piece tomorrow night.  You simply win some and lose some, you just have to hope you win more than you lose.

Typography is rolling quite smoothly after a rocky first week start.  After rethinking, I believe I nailed it and will see it out to the end.  All's I need to do is purchase a few more supplies for the printing process and get going!  As for the academic classes, most of them will end with an exam on the last week of class.  A print presentation on Willie Cole is in the works of which I will present either this Friday or the next.  I hope I get to get it over with this week so I can check that off of my (MANY) things to do.

This weekend will be quite chaotic as I will be performing in the Vigil Sunday morning at 2:00 am.  My piece will be 20 minutes long and will focus on earlier violin sounds I had posted before.  Sunday afternoon I will speed to PA to help host a bridal shower for my cousin, and Sunday night I will zoom back to Baltimore for an exam Monday morning.  I always say I strive to be busy, now I just hope I can keep my sanity intact ; )

Type Specimen Spread

This type specimen book, showcasing Bembo, is nearly completed.  I am really excited for this project, and I am so eager to print it and (stab) bind it!

April 13, 2011

Upcoming Sound...

"Blah" and "Raymond" will be two sound pieces to look forward to in the next couple weeks!  "Blah" will be a 2-3 minute composition using Audio Mulch, while "Raymond" will primarily be using Ableton Live.

Art projects are always more exciting when you finally figure out what you're doing... :)

Solo Exhibition Coming to MICA in September 2011

April 03, 2011

Music Concrete Live Performance

This is my first Sound Art composition that was performed live (using Ableton Live software) on February 24th.

Vigil Sneak Peak

Here are two clips of some of the sound art work I am messing with for the Vigil this weekend. I'll be playing at 2am but the night begins at 7pm this Friday, August 8th through 7am Satuday, August 9th. If you know what's good, you will be there.

This clip is using recorded clips that are transferred into Ableton Live

This clip uses recorded clips transferred into Ableton Live as well as some live violin added to the mix.

April 02, 2011

Kesey Series [still in progress]

I realize that these thumbnails may be difficult to look at all at once and at their small size, but these are some "spur of the moment" book jacket designs that have progressed over a few days.