September 01, 2012

Everyone: head on over to and browse their website!  Look out for some of my graphics I have done:)  They include the Labor Day Sale, September Sale, SR Performance, and the Pre-Painted Parts (all but the 99-04 gen).  Below is a sneak peak.

July 03, 2012


Below are some interesting ads/layouts/design elements I found to be particularly interesting.

^The overlap in photos was what originally caught my eye but I also like the series of 5 squares on the lower half of the page.

^This type is really nice.  I particularly like the long vertical line that anchors the largest type.

^I love the right side of this spread and how the photos are arranged and separated.

^This ad has a lot of nice dimension with the "Classic Evolution" tag and the shoes.  Things just pop with the overlaps.

^I particularly like how there are two small images that overlap with the large main image.  The two smaller ones work well without any padding/space between them, and the fact that they're the same tone makes them fit seamlessly.

^The overlap of images on the right side of the spread work really well, as does the perspective of each individual photo: close, far, closest.

^You can never go wrong with a grid of colorful squares.  I think the left works a little better than the right since it's all squares.  However, if they were identical grids side by side it could be a little excessive.  I'm still not convinced on the rectangle...

^I love this type!  The red makes the GMC logo pop too.  Below is a close up.  Yum. 

^Type is nice, I really like the knocked out > glyph.

Hang On, Computer

About a month ago I got ^these^ lovely error messages when I would try to go to any website.  So me and my four-year old computer went to the Apple Store in Park City for a doctor's appointment.  Of course they fixed me up in about 5 minutes:)  Now that problem's resolved, however, now my lil comp gets tired..?  And decides to randomly turn the screen's light off.  My guess is that it's some sort of bulb issue, but I don't know if it's worth continuing to fix or hold off until I can get a new one.  Ohh if only the Adobe Suite didn't cost more than a brand new Mac :|

June 17, 2012


Summer has been in full swing seeing that it has been a month since I have graduated already.  I have to admit, that with everything I have been up to, it feels like it has been a month!  Lately I have been doing a ton of yard work & gardening for a lady that lives close by and sometimes with my dad.  It has essentially been my resource for fast cash;)  Other than that I have still been tackling the job search process.  Overall, I have been learning a lot, but I haven't been able to land an exciting graphic design job quite yet.  This week coming up is a big one, so any luck sent my way is very much appreciated!

I drove to DC last week for an informational interview with a company I applied to about a month ago.  Going down there, seeing the office, and meeting with one of the principles was one of the absolute best things I could have done... it was worth the drive!  I received a lot of valuable feedback on my portfolio and had a good conversation about career advice.  The following day I attempted to go to Philly but only got about half way due to a leaking tire stem:(  I'll attempt to make the haul again this week!

I'm really looking forward to landing a job, grabbing an apartment, and getting some experience under my belt.  I'm feeling pretty adventurous to move away from home, and I am hoping something pulls through pretty quickly.  Of course, you always need a bit of patients, so it has been a learning experience trying to find that happy medium.  Anyways, be sure to stay tuned as I hope I can match up with some awesome opportunities:)

Happy Summer.

May 11, 2012

Share: Installed

Below are a few images of my Thesis exhibition Share.  Some are before the exhibition, and others are the remains after ArtWalk.  The last few reveal how intense the scene was when people frantically searched for their own trading cards and those of their friends.  If I can ever get through the crowd to tidy up the display, I hope to get a few images of how the display looks when clean and organized.  What a success!

May 09, 2012

Share Video Documentation

Share, 2012 compiles the public online identities of the graduating class of 2012 at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Collectivity, the multiple, bulk, authenticity, and privacy are all notions explored in Share within a social media context. This video documents the memorabilia vendor-like display of this piece.  You can also view Share in HD on Vimeo and Youtube.

May 06, 2012

Exhibition Drop-Off Tomorrow!

Wow.  I am in shock that tomorrow is the day to drop off work to be installed for the 2012 Commencement Show.  Somehow what always seemed so far away, is suddenly right in my face.  Everything is beginning to seem a little less surreal, finally.  

I am in a really good place right now, extremely hopeful on the future, and I am looking forward to the next step.  Graduation is in 8 days, and this week in between now and then will be busier than I know, considering I have to prepare and set up for the exhibition, have a thesis gallery talk, participate in ArtWalk, and attend a few meetings to wrap up everything.  After the 14th I hope to focus on packing, moving out of my apartment, and preparing to venture to my new opportunity that is still a blur.  Of course, I do not want to entirely reveal where I am in the job search process on this public blog since it is very much a waiting game.  However, once something is final, I'll be sure to post!

April 28, 2012

Below are a few extra images and detail photographs of the stationary system for the Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania branding.


My Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania lifestyle brand book has officially arrived today from Blurb, which was a surprise... I love the speedy delivery! Images of the 24 page standard landscape book (10"x8") will hopefully be posted within a week or two. Until then, feel free to look at the spread thumbnails below.  (First and last images are the image-wrapped hardcover.) I have officially completed my Branding works, the end is near, and it is so surreal...