October 23, 2016

CB Springs

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Mothers Polish is AMAZING! In just an hour I transformed a rusty spring like the one on the right to look shiny and almost brand new. Add another hour to the process and the one on the right looks just as good. I used coarse steel wool with the polish and got to work. I managed to destroy a pair of rubber gloves in the process in an attempt to save my fingers from rubbing off my finger prints with the steel wool. I'm very happy with how these turned out, stay tuned for more soon.

October 18, 2016

McCabe Drawings

I particularly enjoy making drawings for friends and family getting married, and I have posted a lot of these in the past. Most of the time I draw or get creative with letterforms, typically the beginning of the couple's last name. My friends Colleen and Paul got married on October 15th, and I needed a unique idea. The couple already have several "M" decorations for their married name of McCabe, so I abandoned the letterform idea. I was fortunate to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and was elated, and because of this I got a lot of details on how Colleen was planning her wedding, including the flowers in the bouquets. Recently I have been drawing some flowers with micron pens primarily, and the idea struck to do a series of drawings of flowers that would be in Colleen's bouquet. The three flowers I decided to choose to draw were a sunflower, a white rose and a white ranuculus. All were done with very thin micron pens at 8"x8". I added some boulder details with a thicker pen. I debated adding some color with chalk pastels but ended up being so pleased with the black and white prints that I kept them as is. They were double matted in white with a dark brown frame that reflected some gold when looked at in a certain light. Below are the final drawings and a photo of my bouquet from the wedding. Colleen and Paul had a gorgeous wedding, had a full on dance party at the reception and I am so happy to have been apart of the celebration. Congratulations to the McCabes!

October 10, 2016

AmericanMuscle Car Cover

AmericanMuscle.com runs various campaigns throughout the year with promotions that include free gifts. The Marketing team brainstorms creative ways to execute these promotions with new gift ideas and marketing strategies. Most recently, the idea of an AmericanMuscle branded car cover was executed. I worked with the Email Marketing team and Product Development to work on an affordable design to be printed on a car cover. Below is the design I had created in vector format.

Once the design was approved the Product Development team got a sample in and we had the in-house photography department shoot various studio shots of the car cover on the Mustangs. The logo was printed on each side of the car cover. Below are the two angles of the car used with the messaging. The first is a blog banner. The second would be the banner you'd see if you click the blog banner and go to the landing page on AmericanMuscle.com. 

Overall this project was a lot of fun and yet another opportunity to design something for a new product.