October 10, 2016

AmericanMuscle Car Cover

AmericanMuscle.com runs various campaigns throughout the year with promotions that include free gifts. The Marketing team brainstorms creative ways to execute these promotions with new gift ideas and marketing strategies. Most recently, the idea of an AmericanMuscle branded car cover was executed. I worked with the Email Marketing team and Product Development to work on an affordable design to be printed on a car cover. Below is the design I had created in vector format.

Once the design was approved the Product Development team got a sample in and we had the in-house photography department shoot various studio shots of the car cover on the Mustangs. The logo was printed on each side of the car cover. Below are the two angles of the car used with the messaging. The first is a blog banner. The second would be the banner you'd see if you click the blog banner and go to the landing page on AmericanMuscle.com. 

Overall this project was a lot of fun and yet another opportunity to design something for a new product. 

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