July 03, 2012


Below are some interesting ads/layouts/design elements I found to be particularly interesting.

^The overlap in photos was what originally caught my eye but I also like the series of 5 squares on the lower half of the page.

^This type is really nice.  I particularly like the long vertical line that anchors the largest type.

^I love the right side of this spread and how the photos are arranged and separated.

^This ad has a lot of nice dimension with the "Classic Evolution" tag and the shoes.  Things just pop with the overlaps.

^I particularly like how there are two small images that overlap with the large main image.  The two smaller ones work well without any padding/space between them, and the fact that they're the same tone makes them fit seamlessly.

^The overlap of images on the right side of the spread work really well, as does the perspective of each individual photo: close, far, closest.

^You can never go wrong with a grid of colorful squares.  I think the left works a little better than the right since it's all squares.  However, if they were identical grids side by side it could be a little excessive.  I'm still not convinced on the rectangle...

^I love this type!  The red makes the GMC logo pop too.  Below is a close up.  Yum. 

^Type is nice, I really like the knocked out > glyph.

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