February 08, 2016

AmericanMuscle Upgrade Shop

The past few weeks I was highly focused on the AmericanMuscle & ExtremeTerrain "Upgrade Shops". These projects each required a logo design, photo shoot, photo retouching, 3D Rendering, some additional photo retouching and typography layouts. These graphics spread across AmericanMuscle.com and ExtremeTerrain.com sites, email newsletters, display banners, social graphics and will even be featured on the covers of our next catalogs. *spoiler*
My teammate handled the renders for this project since the package was a tall order. I retouched the background of the garage to use as the back plate and he rendered and retouched each generational Mustang for accuracy (10-14 was an in-camera shot).  All of the photography elements came from our in-house photographer.  When tossed all together, it turned out to be a very successful image.

Below is the logo used for the AmericanMuscle Upgrade Shop and the generational landing pages for each. 

The above logo was designed in Illustrator from scratch. It took a few revisions to finalize this particular mark finalized for all of the web and print applications it will be used for. Overall the goal was a highly-automotive feel and legible type. 

Stay tuned for the ExtremeTerrain version of the Upgrade Shop.

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