November 09, 2011

Go Postal

Below is my packaging project in its current state:


Designing packaging for envelopes was exciting because there are a variety of kinds of envelopes for a variety of purposes.  Traditionally envelope packaging is plain and bland, therefore, with my design I tried to do everything but be plain and bland.  My goal with this project was to focus primarily on the typography while break out of the traditional simple envelope box.  Incorporating both serif (Adobe Garamond) & san-serif (Gotham) typefaces into one cohesive design was also something I desired to accomplish.  Two different kinds of envelopes are featured with this design, one (yellow) is designed for simple white envelopes about 4" x 5".  The second (purple) is designed for 100% recycled envelopes about 4" x 5".  Repetition and color were my main tools I used in creating an electric "postal" theme.  With the recycled version, my motive was to break away from the typical green/brown/neutral color palette and do something more unexpected. 

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