August 19, 2016

AmericanMuscle Snapchat Geofilters

This year we wanted to have unique Snapchat geofilters at the 8th Annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show. With my experience in using them at Aid to Injured Riders (AIR) events, I took the lead with this project from conception to completion. 

I began with meeting with the social team to talk about getting involved in the geofilter community and showed them the process and data I had received with the AIR filters. Overall the process of uploading usable filters is very simple and easy to obtain. I also saw it as a fun project for the creative team, where we could come up with unique ideas and enjoy the creative freedom. I then met with my fellow five designers and worked with our creative coordinator to assign two filters for each designer. We took some time to design and regrouped a couple weeks later to review them. I went through the designs, tweaked them based on best practices I have found, got the file sizes down and we ended up handing over about 12 geofilters to the social team. From there the social team had to upload the filters and do some trial and error with uploads to see exactly how many we could get into the Maple Grove Raceway territory with strategic mapping. It turns out they only managed to get 4 filters in that location due to Snapchat's restrictions on quantity. The filters, however, were successful and got a solid amount of usage! See below:

With the above filter I wanted to use pieces of our existing car show elements (vector marks) and blend it with an AM logo. The AM graphic is actually pulled from a t-shirt design I made for youth girls, but for this I used the traditional AM blue and orange coloring. It features a subtle gradient that forces the logo to pop over any background color or image.

This filter was used by 380 individuals and seen by 18,805 Snapchat users.

The filter above was designed by combining various tire tread and splatter vector elements tossed together with the show logo on top. This design didn't necessarily need a gradient to have it pop over backgrounds due to it's design. Initially I wanted this image to be larger, however, due to small file sizing restrictions I did have to scale it down more than I had hoped. Ironically enough, I made this design very quickly with no intentions of actually using it. The purpose was to include this in the inside front cover of the program to tell our guests to look out for our snapchat filters at the show. It turns out the design was liked and we made it come to life!

This splatter filter was used by 428 individuals and seen by 22,002 Snapchat users.

This filter above was a different approach and was targeted to only be used at the race track while people were in the stands watching the racing events. With it being a smaller location and a shorter time of availability, naturally it had less uses. Despite the usage, it was a lot of fun to make and made for a very different kind of filter I hope fans enjoyed.

The helmet filter was used by 37 individuals and seen by 1,875 Snapchat users.

In the midst of working at the show I managed to snap a photo of people gathering at the dyno for a run and used a filter!

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