May 01, 2016

Throttle Down Speed Co. Logo Within The Industry

It's pretty cool to see your logo integrated more and more within the motorcycle industry. Even just the other day, an old friend of mine said he saw a Throttle Down Speed Co. t-shirt being worn at a swap meet down around Baltimore. Not only is it exciting to hear people representing our apparel, but it's also great to see it on the race track. 

GNC1 racer Dan Bromley is sporting our logo on his AMA Pro Flat Track leathers and jerseys this year. Above is one of his leathers with the Throttle Down Speed Co. logo printed and stitched onto his throttle arm. 

Our newer GNC2 racer Tristan Avery sported one of our Throttle Down Speed Co. stickers on his helmet at the AMA Pro Flat Track Daytona Short Track season opener this year. Photo by mrsjjfive.

Our new GNC2 rider Charlotte Kainz got our logo worked into her 450 graphics for this season, and we've got to say it looks killer. Having your logo mixed in with respected brands that have been in the industry for quite some time is surely an accomplishment that I'm proud of.

Aside from flat track, we also have our logo on Steve Murray's 450 motocross bike that he races in the amateur motocross races in Michigan. In 2016 you can find our logo back by the air box, also mixed in amongst reputable brands.

The intentions are for the Throttle Down Speed Co. brand to continue to grow within the motorcycle industry including on the tracks and in the stands. Our goal is appeal to the racers, the fans, the riders and anyone embracing the two-wheel culture. We'll see where our logo turns up next!

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