April 11, 2017

XT April Sale

This month I also did the creative for ExtremeTerrain.com's monthly sale. I began with a base shot of a rolling JK and composited a more interesting background. Below is the original and the retouched composite.

I needed a TJ version as well so I used the same base shot and rendered a TJ using KeyShot to get the exact angle. 

I then took the render into Photoshop, removed the JK in the background but kept the JK wheels instead of having to recreate the blur. The original JK was a 4-door, so I moved the wheels closer together to work with the TJ body. Along with that came adjusting the shadow on the road.

These final composites were then used in various email, site and social graphics to promote the XT April Sale. I treated the typography in email similarly to how it is on site.

The creative is currently running as a homepage banner at ExtremeTerrain.com. Check it out while you can.

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