April 21, 2017

CreativeMornings in Philadelphia

This morning the Turn5 creative team met in Philadelphia at the Center / Architecture + Design for the CreativeMornings lecture. Today's speaker was Ed Tettemer who offered insight on things to believe in and how to attain love within the creative world. I was most drawn to his diagram of the color wheel and the emotions attached to each color and shade. He spoke about how when you mix emotions together, you get a larger variety, similarly as you mix colors together. 

While the lecture was interesting and covered a lot of various topics, I spent a lot of time admiring the space of this lecture as well as the city. It was really great to be in a room with a bunch of other creatives. This morning we stepped out of the corporate business world, and I felt very much like a creative. I felt inspiration from the people, the building and the city of Philadelphia. We'll see where all that takes me, but in the meantime here are a few photos trying to capture that inspiration.

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