April 06, 2017

ExtremeTerrain Catalog Cover

A new catalog has dropped for ExtremeTerrain.com this week and for this drop I have designed the cover of the JK and TJ/YJ buyer books. Below is the JK Cover.

This cover image is based off of a collection campaign Top Spring Upgrades. I chose a photo that was taken by an in-house photographer as the base and did a bit of retouching and compositing to make it work best for the catalog cover. Below is the original photo with a few Camera Raw adjustments.

I made sure to green up the photo a bit more to emphasize the spring elements. I also had to build out some of the background to have the image work better with the portrait orientation of the catalog cover. 

The TJ/YJ version features a different photo of a Jeep on the trail that needed a bit more retouching and compositing to get that spring feeling. Below is the final front cover.

Below is the original photo with some minor Camera Raw adjustments applied.

And below is the full composited image used for the cover that has been built out. It is not a seamless composite since a lot of the right side of the image below was not shown on the cover and within the other graphics this campaign required.

For the TJ Jeep version I rendered out wheels as well to feature Mammoth wheels that are sold by ExtremeTerrain, rather than featuring wheels the company does not sell. They are very similar in style so it's not a very noticeable change from the original to the final image. Overall I'm pleased with how both covers turned out.

In addition to the covers, the JK catalog includes an insert. I designed a spread within this insert to feature the Top Spring Upgrade mods. Below is the spread featuring a blend of products and lifestyle photography.

This layout was meant to make a strong connection between the cover image and then also with the onsite experience.

The type treatment was also a focus for this project. I began experimenting with variations of the ExtremeTerrain font within Illustrator. My process is to carelessly play around with a font until something sticks. Below is what my Illustrator art board looked like while I experimented-a bit of organized chaos.

As you can see I used a stacked version for the print applications, but did have a use for a more horizontal orientation within email and onsite graphics. Below is a closer look at the final type treatment I used in the insert design as well as on the catalog cover.

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