May 15, 2017

Social Media Email Footer

For a few weeks, I've been working with various people on updating and organizing our email designs. There have been several tests performed to determine the best way to go about updating the email templates and how to move forward. 

One aspect of our emails includes the Social Media portion that lives by the email template footer. The goal was to put more focus on YouTube and getting customers to go subscribe. Additionally some social icons needed updated and reorganized based on clicks. Below is what the social portion looked like before the redesign.

As you can see, the original design was very simple and to the point. With the emphasis on YouTube increasing, I decided to add some imagery and provide more content with the overall design. Below is the design I landed on.

I redesigned the larger YouTube button to mirror other YouTube style guide elements and those from for consistency purposes. The image I selected is a very exciting one and selected similar ones for the five other Mustang generations we sell for. Marketing provided the bullet points of what to entice customers with to get a sample of what they will find on the channel. Below that I have the updated social icons for the channels that perform best. Overall the height has increased significantly and so has the performance of the overall graphic. Below are the additional video images for the other Mustang vehicles.

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