January 17, 2016

Aid to Injured Riders (AIR)

Last winter I was fortunate enough to join the Aid to Injured Riders (AIR) nonprofit that raises money for flat track motorcycle racers who get injured during national events. In 1991 a deck of AMA Pro Flat Track cards were created and sold. These cards inspired AIR to recreate them using the 2014 national racers of the GNC1 class. I joined the AIR team to design the front and back of the 76-rider deck with the help of the other AIR girls collecting the information for the statistics on the back. Dave Hoenig of Flat Trak Fotos provided all of the action shots for the front of the cards, and he and the AMA provided the head shots. It was quite a joint effort, and it is a project I am very proud to be apart of. Below is the deck along with the front of all 76 cards. To purchase a deck, visit: http://mkt.com/aid-to-injured-riders

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