December 03, 2011

eleven days.

At this rate I am uncertain I will make it through the last two weeks of school.  I am swimming in a pile of interface design prototypes, thesis presentation materials, and typography publication work.  I believe I have been swimming for about three weeks now, and I would do just about anything to surrender this very minute.  Sometimes I wonder if having piles and piles of work during finals is really beneficial.  Sure we are working "under pressure" or whatnot, but a person can only take so much.  Everyone has their breaking point or time where they turn on the 'I don't care anymore' switch.  I find that switch is far too easy to turn on when one is in a constant state of swimming in something undesirable.  There comes a time where a person has to choose which work he/she will focus on and which portion of work will get swept to the side.  Is it really beneficial?  I believe there is a different format institutions could take in order to receive the best and most potential out of students.  Either way the countdown continues.  Eleven days 'til play.

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